Christine Bianco, Art Historian

photo of Christine I am an American art historian based in Colchester, UK.  I am interested in the operation of images in society, the role of art in the public sphere, and visual analysis of the mass media in America since 1930.

My PhD dissertation Modern Art for Middle America: American Abstraction in Mass Magazines, 1946-1960, examines how mass magazines defined modern art and its role in postwar American culture for a broad public by presenting Abstract Expressionism and other art in relation to cultural hierarchies, consumerism, and Cold War political rhetoric.

More details about my dissertation


2016 Ph.D. Art HistoryOxford Brookes University, UK
Thesis: Modern Art for Middle America: American Abstraction in Mass Magazines, 1946-1960
(Completed part-time with two years of maternity leave)
Supervisors: Nancy Jachec, Elizabeth Darling

2000-2005 Ph.D. Student, Art History, State University of New York at Binghamton, USA
Completed coursework and formulated a lengthy dissertation proposal
Transferred to Oxford Brookes after moving to the UK
Advisor: John Tagg

2000 M.A. Art History, University of Florida, Gainesville, USA
Thesis: Selling American Art: Celebrity and Success in the Postwar New York Art Market
Advisor: Alexander Alberro

1998 B.A. History of the Arts, Stetson University, DeLand, Florida, USA
(self-defined interdisciplinary honors program major in Humanities)    Minor: Spanish

Research and Teaching Interests

Areas of Specialization: Modern art and theory, American visual culture since 1930, history of photography

Topics of Interest: cultural hierarchies, public art issues, photojournalism, modern design, advertising, Cold War culture, the art market, institutional histories, gender studies, identity

Full Curriculum Vitae

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About Me

During the course of my PhD, I had 3 advisors at 2 different universities, 7 house moves (one of which was transatlantic), and 2 babies.  It wasn't easy, but I am proud to have finished despite these interruptions and while being the primary caregiver for my small children. 

I am currently working on publishing my PhD research and seeking a part-time or full-time job in the East of England, London, or the U.S. 

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